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A New Kitchen for a Worthy Cause


The remodeling experts at ecobeco recently completed a kitchen renovation project in a beautiful, 3,900-square-foot brick home in Bethesda, Maryland. The home is part of a Jewish charity organization called Bikur Cholim of Greater Washington, which houses families who need a place to stay while their loved ones receive treatment at the National Institutes of Health or Children’s Hospital.

The kitchen was outdated, and it was not serving the needs of the residents. Guests of the Bernard Creeger Bikur Cholim House stay anywhere from a few days to months at a time, so the kitchen needed to be an area where residents could feel at home. The owners were looking to create a kosher kitchen space per the observances of orthodox practices that could accommodate multiple families simultaneously.

Creating a Comfortable & Accessible Kitchen for Families

We worked with a variety of beautiful materials to make this kitchen a more comfortable and welcoming space. We installed solid wood cabinetry to give the room a new look and increase the overall amount of storage space.

We also installed granite countertops and Italian crackle tile for the backsplashes. We used a maple stain to resurface the floor and also installed recessed lighting. We installed smart switches that are “Shabbat friendly,”  meaning they can be programmed to work on a timer.

We also relocated some existing walls, increased insulation levels, and performed comprehensive air sealing to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of the entire home.


We installed two ovens to warm and heat food prepared for the residents by members of the community. We also installed two sinks, two cooktops, two microwaves, and an extra large refrigerator to accommodate multiple families. The sinks are wheelchair accessible and ADA certified.

The renovated kitchen is kosher per the observances of orthodox practices. It features two separate areas for preparing meat and dairy; the yellow tile designates the meat preparation area while the blue tile designates the dairy preparation area. There is also a vessel style sink to be used for ritual hand-washing practice in preparation for eating a meal.


ecobeco: Home Remodels to Better Serve Your Needs

With such great medical institutions near by, it is not surprising that people come from all over the world to stay in this home. Bikur Cholim of Greater Washington wanted to create a welcoming space, and we did it.  We are pleased to have been involved in such an important project and to have designed and built a space that could help families and their loved ones struggling with severe illnesses feel more at home.

Do you own a space that you’d like to update to better serve the needs of residents and guests, or is there a particular area in your home that you would like to renovate to better serve you and your family? We’d love to help. As remodeling experts with a commitment to energy efficiency, we help homeowners in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia reinvent their space for better form and function.

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