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Multi-Family Buildings

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ecobeco offers in-unit Quick Home Energy Check-ups for condominiums and rentals in multi-family residences located in the Pepco Maryland and Potomac Edison Maryland service territories.


Quick Home Energy Check-up (QHEC). Get Started Today at No Cost. In an effort to provide basic energy upgrades and education to large numbers of Maryland ratepayers, the Maryland Public Service Commission ordered utilities to provide the Quick Home Energy Check-Up at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to your standard service. During a QHEC, your ecobeco energy auditor will install:


  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs): CFLs use 75% less energy than regular light bulbs and last ten times longer!
  • Smart Power Strips: Stop standby power loss
  • Aerators for Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks: Reduce water use by 50%.
  • Efficient-flow Showerheads*: Reduce the amount of water used in showers by 25% or more.
  • Water Heater Pipe Insulation*: Reduces heat loss while transporting water.
  • Electric Water Tank Wrap*: Keeps water warmer in your tank.

*for customers with electric water heaters only.

Most apartment/condo residents will save over $100 per year in electricity and another $50 per year in water and sewer costs. Please contact Gina Mathias, Director of Sales & Marketing, with any inquiries about QHECs at your multi-family building by calling 240 396 2141 x714.


Additional Building Enhancements. Building retrofits that improve energy efficiency have the benefits of lowering operating costs, lowering condo fees, improving the comfort of interior spaces, and reducing the building's environmental impact.  Additional benefits include the sense of well-being and pride that residents feel knowing that their building is making a serious contribution towards a sustainable future. ecbeco can refer to your building to an excellent group of companies. Contact us if you would like a referral.




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