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ecobeco Awarded Montgomery County Green Business Certification

ecobeco is proud to become Montgomery County’s newest Certified Green Business.  The Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program (GBCP) was launched in 2010 through a joint effort of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and Montgomery College.  The GBCP is a voluntary recognition program designed to encourage businesses and other organizations to take steps that reduce their ecological footprint.


“Congratulations to ecobeco on being the newest Montgomery County Certified Green Business,” said Doug Weisburger, Manager of the GBCP, which is administered by the County’s DEP. “ecobeco truly demonstrates and has documented their processes and practices for actively walking the talk, serving as both a community and green business leader.  Their sustainability effort is very comprehensive.  Particularly compelling is their work around staff engagement, the development of environmental policies and green purchasing guidelines.  They’re also not resting on their laurels, as they’ve put in place a continuous improvement plan that promises even better results in the years ahead.” 

“ecobeco was founded because Reuven Walder and I wanted to focus on the triple bottom line – doing environmental, economical, and social good, ” said ecobeco President and Co-Founder Brian Toll. “We’re excited to join this program and to commit our organization to its goals.”

ecobeco’s internal Green Team successfully tackled the wide range of required documentation measures and requirements to gain our certification, which includes continuous improvement measures and rigorous recertification every three years. Specific areas of our business operations that were documented and 3rd party reviewed during an onsite verification process include:

  • ecobeco Green Team formation, including definition of roles/responsibilities across every functional department at ecobeco
  • Green purchasing resources and criteria, staff survey, and continuous improvement plan
  • Specific efforts to reduce waste and efforts to eliminate junk mail
  • Green cleaning practices and measures to take to provide a nontoxic work environment
  • Enabling green transportation options including our Installation of a bike rack in front of our office
  • Environmental advocacy and policy work
  • Community-wide education and awareness participation by ecobeco at trade events and public events to help enable energy saving programs and further efforts toward Green Building practices

Learn more about our commitment to Better Materials, Energy Efficiency, and Indoor Air Quality.

Learn more about the Green Business Certification Program.


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