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Extraordinarily pleased with the company’s work.

I was extraordinarily pleased with the company’s work. Mike Ingram spent hours at our home, he sealed our home and then ran a test with an infrared detector to find leaks in the roof, in the basement, doors, windows, even the crawl space. I was given a detailed report on how to make our energy usage more efficient. I’ve already implemented some of the easy recommendations, and hope to follow through on the others sometime this spring/summer. The best part was that the company said we didn’t need to replace the windows, but could seal the storm windows better. For example, by plugging the holes where the pulleys are with cotton-wool, also using foam insulation to seal small gaps between the floor and elsewhere. Simple, easy to follow recommendations can apparently save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in energy use each year.

Vineeta A., Alexandria, VA

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