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Is It Too Early to Start Thinking About a Spring Remodel?

 A home remodel takes more planning and time than an hour-long HGTV show portrays. So if you’re dreaming of having your home remodel finished for the summer, you should start right now!

Factors That Affect Your Remodeling Timeline

While it’s great to see a whole-home transformation in anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes on TV, or in a before-and-after picture online — it doesn’t tell the whole story of just how much time and planning went into the finished product. Here are just some of the things that may affect your home remodeling timeline: 


  • Project Planning and Design

kitch sketch 2 72.jpgDepending on the size and complexity of the job, ecobeco will bring either a designer or an architect to assist with your job. A designer is someone with hands-on building experience whereas an architect is a licensed architect professional.  Both can work through brainstorming and multiple rounds of sketches to create the home you always wanted.  Their main deliverables are construction drawings that are submitted for permit.  Allow 2-4 months for planning and design.


  • Construction Contract

Once your plans are done, ecobeco brings out our trades to review the plans and walk the property to develop detailed fixed price scopes of work.  This allows us to provide you a fixed price construction contract.  Allow 2 weeks for the final contract.  Once you make your first payment, we can start the permitting process.

  • Permitting

Permits for minor remodels are often simple to come by, but if your home remodel is going to involve any type of structural work or extensive demolition, sometimes the permitting process can take longer than anyone would like. Some jobs require a permit variance, which means you have to go through a formal appeals process.  Allow 2 weeks to 2 months for permitting.

  • Contractor availability

Although it seems like on every home remodeling TV show out there there’s a crew just waiting to get the work done as soon as the host needs it, reality doesn’t always work like that. The best contractors are often busy and although they’ll likely be able to take on your project, it might not always be on your immediate timeline.

  • Material availability

Anyone who’s ordered a couch and waited weeks or even months for it to be delivered knows that something that would seem relatively easy to get often isn’t. So while you’re planning your home remodel, make sure that any materials you have your eye on are ordered far in advance or choose from something that’s readily available. It’s never convenient for anyone to put a project on hold to wait for the backsplash tile or flooring to come in. 

Planning Your Home Remodeling Project

If you’re considering the idea of remodeling your home (or even just a part of it), it’s better to get started with design and planning as soon as possible. We can make sure the process runs smoothly by working with designers and architects as they go through their process of turning your vision into reality.

kitchen sketch 3.jpg

Get Started on Your Green Remodeling Project with ecobeco

At ecobeco, our expert team of designers, builders, and remodelers can work with you to remodel your DMV area home. Since quality and sustainability are our top priorities, you can rest assured you’ll have a green remodel that will bring a smile to your face while also adding function and value to your home.

It’s never too early to start planning your home remodel! Get started by contacting us or calling (240) 396-2141 today.

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