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    ecobeco is excited to endorse Sungevity Solar Home Specialists, a company dedicated to providing you with financed all-inclusive solar solutions that save you money on the first day! SEE OUR SPECIAL OFFERS BELOW!!!

    Sungevity brings the groundbreaking Solar Lease to Maryland. ecobeco is proud to offer Sungevity's highly affordable solar model to our customers.

    Sungevity's Solar Lease features:

    • $0 Down Lease or Prepaid Lease - Instead of paying full price up-front, you can lease the panels for a low monthly cost.  Alternatively, by prepaying the lease, you can avoid finance charges, eliminate monthly payments completely, and save even more money over the term of the lease.
    • Instant Savings with Guaranteed Output - Most customers are saving 15% or more on their energy bills. Sungevity's performance guarantee ensures you're not on the hook for cloudy weather.
    • Full-Service Solar - Sungevity maintains and warranties the panels at no cost to you. Plus you receive free monitoring so you'll know exactly how much energy gets created..
    • A free, no-hassle iQuote within 24 hours - Using super-smart satellite technology, Sungevity can provide your iQuote in 24 hours. Then, the Sungevity sales consultant will answer your questions by phone. Everything is electronic. You can go from iQuote to contract as soon as you're ready.
    • If you are ready for an iQuote or want to learn more, click to get started.
    • Be sure to use referral code "ecobeco" to ensure the best prices. If you saw ecobeco at an event, retail location or were referred by a friend, mention them in the "Additional Details" section.

    2013 SPECIALS:

    Special 1: Customers who sign a lease will receive their first monthly lease payment from ecobeco!* Be sure to enter referral code 'ecobeco' when you create your iQuote.  Or call us at (240) 396-2141 x1 and we would be happy to submit the iQuote request for you. Offer expires 12/31/2013.  

    * ecobeco will provide a cash payment equal to one month of Sungevity lease payments up to a total of $150 per household.  Fully prepaid leaseholders will receive $150.  Allow 3 weeks after activation of your solar system to receive payment.  Eligibility is determined by the date the lease is signed as determined by Sungevity.  To qualify, customer must be assigned to ecobeco in the Sungevity sales tracking system.  Use the referral code 'ecobeco' when you create your iQuote. 

    • Note the Sungevity Lease is currently available only to Maryland customers with FICO scores of 700 or higher.  This requirement fluctuates, so we encourage customers with 600 - 700 FICO scores to obtain iQuotes so Sungevity can contact you when the lease requirements change. 
    • Sungevity solar is only available in Maryland with select utility providers.


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