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Unique Flooring Options for a Greener Home


When you were buying your home, what was one of the first things you looked at? You probably paid special attention to the kitchen, bathrooms, and other living areas. While each of those spaces has their own unique features, one element that can make or break a room is the flooring.

Maybe you redid the floors when you moved into your home and now they need a refresh, or you’re just finally getting around to remodeling so you need to consider the floors. If that’s the case, then there might be a few green solutions you haven’t considered which can help add beauty and functionality while also making your home more sustainable, healthy, and valuable.

Rethink Wood Floors

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Many homeowners in the Washington, D.C.  area want hardwood floors and while traditional hardwoods are a terrific option, there are other wood flooring solutions that are more sustainable and can add even more character to your home. For example, reclaimed wood flooring or flooring made of upcycled local wood is a great way to add history to your home. Reclaimed lumber could have once been part of a barn, warehouse, or something else, while upcycled wood flooring was once the original flooring material in another building.


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.19.02 AM.pngIn addition to reclaimed wood and upcycled local wood, bamboo is an excellent natural wood flooring material. Bamboo is sustainable to produce and healthier for your home since no heavy chemicals will off-gas into your living spaces.





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When considering natural wood flooring, you should also look at high-quality laminate which is made to simulate the look of wood, however, is made of multiple layers of synthetic materials. The laminate flooring options available now are not only beautiful, but are also more sustainable, durable, and affordable than ever before.




Alternative Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials

If wood flooring isn’t for you or if you just want to add some unique elements to a room or two, then there are alternative eco-friendly flooring materials you should consider.

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Cork isn’t just for sealing wine bottles anymore! In fact, there are various types of cork flooring options — some even made to resemble wood — that are cushy underfoot and offer additional insulating and soundproofingbenefits. All flooring made of cork is cured and sealed to increase durability and prevent abrasion. With endless styles to choose from in tiles or planks, you can feel great about choosing a beautiful, sustainable, and healthy flooring material for your home.



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Another unique flooring material to consider is reclaimed leather which is made from pulverized leather fibers recycled from car seats and other leather tanneries. Recycled leather flooring comes in both planks and tiles, and offers elegance and warmth while also being highly sustainable and durable.






Choose ecobeco for a Different Kind of Home Remodel

When you remodel your DMV home with ecobeco, we’ll help you choose the highest-quality flooring material that suits your style, needs, and budget. By always using consciously sourced materials during your green remodel, the professionals at ecobeco will make your home look even more beautiful, while keeping in mind your family’s health and your home’s sustainability.

Interested in learning more about sustainable flooring options for your home remodel? Contact us or call (240) 396-2141 to speak to a specialist today.

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