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Using Cost vs Value 2018 for Budgeting Your Remodel Project

Each year, Remodeling Magazine surveys realtors and contractors across the country to determine both the cost and the likely payback of common remodeling projects. The report is broken down by region, and we want to showcase the Washington DC regional report.  This report helps potential remodeling customers like you understand budget requirements, and the return on investment (“ROI”) a home owner might expect when selling the home based on realtors’ experiences in the area.

costvsvalue.pngFor example, if you are thinking about updating your kitchen, the report offer both minor and major kitchen remodels, and also offers both midrange and upscale remodels.  There are over 20 project types listed and descriptions of what each entails.  While understanding ROI is an important consideration, this report also helps set expectations about what it costs to perform certain types of upgrades.  Many of our potential customers don’t realize how the construction labor shortage and diversion of building materials to Hurricane-impacted areas has effected pricing for projects in the DC area.  Prices are escalating and demand is very high for remodeling (particularly since new housing supply is so low and often unaffordable).


Download the Washington DC report by clicking here.

Go to the Cost Vs. Value website here.

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