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Whole-Home Improvements that Started with a Bedroom Conversion


The team at ecobeco recently completed a project in a family home in Washington DC, where the homeowner wanted to convert an existing storage room area on the second floor into a bedroom. However, he knew that the space was uncomfortable — it was too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter, so he wanted to be sure those issues would be addressed prior to his son moving into his new bedroom.

Converting a Storage Space into a New Bedroom

In order to make the space useful and functional as a bedroom for the family’s son, our Design, Build, and Remodel team designed and installed new built-in drawers with a window bench. We also built a new closet and a built-in desk. While addressing the visible space in the room, the team was also hard at work with uncovering what was causing the issues that were making the space so uncomfortable. 

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Improving Comfort & Creating a Healthy Living Space

To locate the underlying problems that were resulting in an uncomfortable space, we performed an energy audit on the home. This allowed us to find several key issues that needed to be resolved in order for the new bedroom (and the rest of the home) to be more comfortable, safe, and healthy for the whole family.

The energy audit revealed major issues with the insulation in the attic and the home’s HVAC systems. 


We addressed the lack of insulation that was causing the new bedroom space to be uncomfortable year-round by air sealing and insulating the attic cavity adjacent to the room. This now allows heat to stay inside and keep the room comfortable during the winter while preventing heat from the outside to enter during the summer. Our team was also able to fix several holes in the home’s roof that were posing a threat to the home by allowing moisture and air to pass through


With our analysis of the home’s ductwork and a combustion safety test, we discovered that the furnace was releasing poisonous carbon monoxide into the home. Although the furnace wasn’t very old, the problem stemmed from a factory recall that the homeowner was not aware of and an issue that even the family’s HVAC technician didn’t catch. We worked with the manufacturer to secure a new, high-efficiency, and safe furnace for the family.


100_9178.jpgIn addition to replacing the furnace, we also lowered the duct line from the rafter, straightened it, added dampers to all lines on the HVAC system, and insulated all the ductwork to improve airflow throughout the whole home while also reducing energy loss. We encapsulated the attic space that held the home’s HVAC equipment and the majority of the ductwork which further increased its efficiency. Finally, to further promote healthier indoor air quality inside the home and to comply with ASHRAE fresh air ventilation standards, we installed a new ventilation fan and smart timer in the home’s basement.


Although the project on this Washington, DC home began with the homeowner’s desire to create a functional and comfortable bedroom for his son, with the efficiency and health concerns we addressed in various systems of the home, they were left with an entire home that’s now more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient.

Remodels & Home Improvements from ecobeco

At ecobeco, we complete home improvements the right way, as hundreds of homeowners all across Montgomery County, MD, Washington, DC, and Arlington, VA already know. Our knowledgeable team takes into account the comfort and health of your home while also making sure its energy efficient. To make any problems easy to uncover, we recommend that if you’re doing a remodel, building an addition, or completing any sort home update that you also have an energy audit performed. It’s a minimal investment that can truly offer you a wealth of information for the benefit of comfort, efficiency, indoor air quality, and safety of your whole home.

Interested in learning more about working with ecobeco on your home remodel, addition, or update? Contact our team today. We would love to chat!

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