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Why Green Remodeling Doesn’t Cost More

Think about what goes into the purchase of a new vehicle. You look at more than just the base price. You take a lot of factors into consideration. For example, you’re likely weighing the quality and durability, any special features, the fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and the resale value. While high quality might make the base price of the vehicle higher, it’s actually a better investment due to its lifetime value. Remodeling your home using high-quality, sustainable, and durable materials works in a similar way.

The Lifetime Value of Green Remodeling


Is it worthwhile to invest a bit more initially for high-quality techniques, structural enhancements, and the materials used in your remodeled home?  Absolutely.  By having a skilled professional complete the work with high-grade, sustainable, and healthy materials and techniques, the lifetime value of your remodel increases.

It’s usually easy to see the difference visually, but there are also benefits of green remodeling that you can’t see. These include:

  • Improved comfort & energy efficiency

Depending on the extent of your remodel, you might have walls knocked down or new floors installed. If your remodeler doesn’t use high-quality materials or simply doesn’t understand how all the systems in your home work together, you might be left with an uncomfortable or inefficient space. Green remodelers, like the team at ecobeco, specialize in making sure every element works seamlessly to guarantee comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Durability and sustainability

There’s nothing worse than finishing a home remodel and starting to see signs of wear and tear soon after. With durable and sustainable materials, your home remodel can look like new for longer.

  • Healthier indoor air quality

Lower quality materials are frequently treated with additional chemicals to achieve the same appearance as higher quality products. These chemicals can then be released into the air in your home, harming the health of your household. Sustainable, green materials are healthier for your home and your family — and isn’t your health important?  Water management is also a critical success factor for any remodel.  We are looking at your wall and drainage systems, looking at your waterproofing, and looking at how your home manages humidity to ensure a solution that keeps indoor air as healthy as possible.

  • Higher resale value

A Volvo and a Ford that were purchased at the same initial price likely won’t have the same resale value after five years. When you invest in a high-quality, green remodel for your home, it can increase its overall value more than a standard, builder-quality upgrade. If you’re looking for a higher return on investment, it’s worth going green.

Start Your Whole Home Remodel with ecobeco

The design, build, and remodel team at ecobeco specializes in high-quality, green home remodeling in the DMV area. Our experts can work with your needs and your budget to ensure you get the most sustainable, durable, and beautiful remodel possible.

Let’s start planning your green home remodel! Contact us or call (240) 396-2141 to speak with an ecobeco expert today.

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