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A Sustainable Kitchen for a 1960s Silver Spring Home


Earlier this year, the remodeling team at ecobeco completed a kitchen remodel in a beautiful, 2,400-square-foot home in Silver Spring, Maryland. In this blog post, find out how we were able to help these homeowners complete renovations that aligned with their sustainable values and that improved the overall functionality of their space.

Searching for the Right Home Contractor

The owners of this 1960s home spent several years mulling over the idea of a new kitchen. Their existing kitchen was serving their needs well enough — the stovetop and oven cooked their food, the dishwasher washed the dishes, and the cabinets stored their dishes and silverware. But after some time saving up for a new kitchen, they decided they were ready to talk to some local contractors.

Because of their commitment to the environment, they wanted a kitchen that featured sustainable materials. When they first asked local contractors about using green materials such as FSC certified wood and recycled countertops, however, they received quotes that were much higher than they expected, from people who didn’t understand what they wanted.

Fortunately, ecobeco had the opportunity to meet with them and show them how they could have a new and functional kitchen built from the sustainable materials they wanted.

Creating a Sustainable & Functional Kitchen

Our customer worked with ecobeco’s eco-friendly partner Amicus Green Building Center. They sourced materials from a number of green manufacturers to create a space that would align with the values of these homeowners.

New sustainably built kitchen remodel by ecobeco in Silver Spring, Maryland.

 The countertops are made from 75% recycled material, including porcelain from tiles, sinks, and toilets; glass from windows, containers, and glassware; and mirrors from dwellings, buildings, and factories. The bronze cabinet knobs, cork floors, and aqua colored, brick-shaped Majolica tiles used for the backsplash contain recycled materials as well. Energy efficient LED lighting complements the new, sustainable space.


New sustainably built kitchen remodel by ecobeco in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The cabinets are made from FSC certified wood, without the use of formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Check out how the kitchen project came out:
New sustainably built kitchen remodel by ecobeco in Silver Spring, Maryland.



New sustainably built kitchen remodel by ecobeco in Silver Spring, Maryland.

 The new kitchen offers added functionality for this family, as well. It has high countertops for a tall husband, round countertops to protect the kids, and self-closing drawers for added convenience.

Washington, D.C. are green remodel of kitchen by ecobeco in Rockville, Maryland. 


In addition to installing green materials in this new kitchen, we also recycled and/or donated any elements that could be reused from the old kitchen.

ecobeco: Green Remodels for DC Area Homeowners

The family is deeply grateful for their new kitchen. In their words, “This kitchen reflects our values and that our money went toward our values, rather than away from them.”

If you’re considering a remodel for your home, ecobeco is here to help. We are committed to helping homeowners complete their home remodels the right way, using high quality, durable, and sustainable materials.

Is there a space in your home you’re planning to remodel? Contact us or fill out the form on this page to find out what we can do for your home.

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