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Are Duct Cleaning Coupons Too Good To Be True?

ductcoupon.jpgAccording to Montgomery County Maryland’s Office of Consumer Protection, some of these duct cleaning coupons are deceptive, and you could fall victim to high pressure sales tactics based on “discoveries” made during the duct cleaning process.  Watch the Consumer Alert Air Duct Scam Video here below.

In the September 8, 2017 Paperless Airplane newsletter, OCP writes, “This Consumer Alert Air Duct Scams Video warns consumers about coupon-based air duct cleaning firms that engage in deceiving marketing by promoting misleadingly low prices, making unsubstantiated health claims and up-selling additional services. The video highlights a two-step “deceptive dance” prevalent in this industry. First, coupon-based air duct cleaning firms typically gain access to a consumer’s home by advertising that they can provide a service at an extremely low cost, and then attempt to scare a consumer into purchasing hundreds or thousands of dollars of additional services by representing that dangerous conditions are present in the ducts.”



Years ago, ecobeco’s Blog highlighted the EPA’s recommendation against general, preventative duct cleaning. From an energy efficiency and health perspective, leave ducts alone unless you have a strongly compelling reason to clean them.  Click here to read the original blog, “Duct Cleaning: Is it Worth It?”

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