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Case Study: Congested Adult Makes the Air in His Home “Fresher, Purer”

mrharris.pngMr. Harris, a retired professor who spends the vast majority of his time in his suburban ranch-style home, contacted us after he started to suspect that the air in his home was exacerbating his itchy and congested sinuses. He reported “a sluggishness that you feel may be connected to what I’m breathing in, what’s going in my nostrils in the house.” Following a telephone consultation to learn more about Mr. Harris’ concerns and the conditions experienced in his home, we dispatched Jim Singer, one of ecobeco’s certified energy auditors and a Healthy Home Specialist to perform a comprehensive inspection of the residence and develop a customized retrofit plan.

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The first step toward remediation of specific issues in Mr. Harris’ home involved determining the existing conditions and performance of the major building systems.  In addition to an extensive visual examination, the assessment consists of a series of tests including a blower door air leakage test, HVAC static pressure testing, combustion safety testing to check for carbon monoxide and other toxic emissions, and duct air flow evaluation across the home’s supplies and returns. In this case, the analysis revealed structural elements allowing excessive air infiltration, inadequate insulation, restrictions throughout the duct system, a furnace at risk of failure, and pervasive mold growth resulting from uncontrolled humidity in the home.

Feeling that there was little he would be able to do on his own, Mr. Harris decided to have ecobeco implement most of the home improvements from the plan. ecobeco utilizes the Breathe Easy Home approach, which simultaneously delivers enhanced indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Our work process and technical solution is driven by best‐in‐class professional standards defined by the Building Performance Institute. Specifically, the approach to remediating the problems that Mr. Harris described came down to controlling humidity, improving air flow throughout the house, sealing air leakage sources, upgrading insulation, and introducing filtered fresh air.

AerosealHandsControlBox2.jpg WorkerInsulationAttic.jpg
TestAirFlow.jpg DSC_0590.jpg

Following completion of the work, Mr. Harris “had a sense that the air was fresher, purer than it was before the work was done,” and experienced an improvement in his breathing and energy levels. The comfort and consistency of temperatures throughout the home improved as well.

This week, ecobeco’s Reuven Walder had lunch with Mr. Harris, and it was great to see such a terrific gentlemen doing so well.  In his own words, “you are like no other contractor who has worked in my home.  You showed me how to fix my home, made the improvements and I feel the difference every day.” 

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