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Community Solar Is for Everyone in Maryland

For our customers with an environmental bend, we wanted to tell you about Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program. There’s lots of reasons you might not have a solar system at your home.  1. Your roof is in the shade; or 2. You live in an apartment; or 3. A new system costs too much. There’s good news for Marylanders who want to overcome obstacles.  With community solar, solar energy is for everyone.  You just have to sign up. We asked our friends at Neighborhood Sun to write a guest blog.

Neighborhood Sun Briangs Solar Energy from Local, Large-Scale Projects 

Soalr panel field 1We’re excited to tell ecobeco customers about a new way to get solar without installing anything on your roof! Community, or shared solar, allows electricity consumers to purchase solar from a local project, with no need to install any equipment.  Anyone who pays a utility bill can access locally produced, affordable clean energy – even if they can’t or don’t want to put solar panels on their roof.  Consumers subscribe to blocks of solar power produced by a large-scale project in their utility area and receive net metering credits directly on their utility bill.

We have projects in the Pepco, BGE, Potomac Edison/First Energy, and Delmarva Power and Light (DPL) territories. To find a project near you, simply go to here and enter your information.  With a community solar subscription, you get the benefits of rooftop solar without having to install any equipment. You get to fight climate change, support local energy, and protect your family’s bottom line against future rate increases.

The cleanest energy you can support is the energy you don’t use. But for the remainder, support local, clean affordable solar energy through a community solar project with Neighborhood Sun.

Find out more about Neighborhood Sun.

Find out more about the Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program.

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About Neighborhood Sun: We’re your friendly clean energy social enterprise with a mission to empower neighborhoods to choose community solar. We are founded by the former leader of Clean Currents, the area’s first exclusively green energy company, which brought together thousands of people, businesses and organizations to switch to wind and solar power. Neighborhood Sun is the only community solar company that puts its members first above all other partners. By standing up for our members, we aim to be the most trusted, transparent solar brand in the market. For us, solar is about creating strong communities.

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