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Create Your Perfect Dream Home Using Ideabooks from Houzz — Here’s How!

An Ideabook is a personalized visual scrapbook you create for yourself of ideas taken from millions of superb photos already posted on the Houzz website that you choose. Then, you share the Ideabook with your Design | Build pro (that’s us). So instead of trying to describe what you want conceptually, grab a photo that shows exactly what you want. This speeds the time and accuracy of the project scope. In this blog we’ll show you how to find great photos, save them to an Ideabook, and share the Ideabook with ecobeco. Let’s get started!

If you’re already an avid Pinterest user, this will come easier. If not, no worries — it’s still easy to learn how to get your design vision for your next home project up and running. Just think of Ideabooks as the fun and highly addictive 2017 equivalent of tearing photos out of home magazines and saving them somewhere for later.

STEP 1:  Find Great Photos on Houzz

Browse ecobeco’s Ideabooks first

Our already-done ecobeco Ideabooks showcase every functional area of your home (kitchens, baths, attics, basements, outdoors spaces, plus our favorite materials & trends). This is a super-handy way to start, since the photos are already right in front of you on your screen when you go to our ecobeco home page on Houzz, and we already picked out a variety of images and ideas we believe you might love as much as we do.

We chose key 2017 design and remodel trends that work well for the area and climate we live and work in, and we also picked a variety of tastes and styles we get requests for, mixed in with some of our favorite ideas.

Start by clicking on ecobeco’s Ideabooks link from our ecobeco Pro page, where we have chosen 100+ photos for EACH of our ideabooks out of many thousands of possible photos. Browse our photos and save them into YOUR ideabook one by one. Simple.



Utilize ecobeco’s Project Gallery

Save any photos you like from our ecobeco Projects gallery by browsing through our Projects link and then following the same instructions below to save photos from our projects to your Ideabook.


Use the Houzz Search Bar

To hone in and find exactly what you’re looking for, type any topic in the white search bar at the top. For example, we typed in “wet bar” in the search bar which populated a drop down that has predetermined text of “wet bar in Photos”. Select this text and suddenly you’ll see thousands of photos of gorgeous wet bars. Wow!



STEP 2. Save Your Photos

As shown above, the next step is to SAVE your very first photo to the Ideabook you already have set up and pre-named.

Just hover over that one photo using your mouse or trackpad, next click on the + sign that’s already on the photo (it will magically show up when you roll over the pic), then click “save to Ideabook.”

Take a close look before you hit Save and just double-check that you are saving it to the correct Ideabook name: see the drop down menu of your already-created personal Ideabook names, select the one you want to save the photo to, and click on “done.” Perfect. Repeat!

Save as many photos as you want — we’ll help you narrow it down later.

Once you get in the Ideabook groove, it’s really fun, easy and kind of habit-forming!


When you click on Save to Ideabook, it will normally default to whatever the most recent one you just used was. So to keep your ideas organized, be sure to switch over and start saving photos to a different one of your Ideabooks as you wish. You’ll first need to find a new great photo just as before, hover, then click on the + sign, click Save to Ideabook, then change which Ideabook it gets saved into by choosing one of your other Ideabook names before you hit save.

If you want to change to a NEW Ideabook, then when the name of your recently used Ideabook appears on your screen in the drop-down menu (see the little arrow all to way to the right on the list of Ideabooks?) click on it and you’ll see your other Ideabook names show up on the list. Just pick the new one that you want. Then continue and save your chosen photo to the new, different Ideabook — this is how you can switch from one Ideabook to another and sort your photos as you go.



STEP 3:  Share Your Ideabook with ecobeco

Finally, once your Ideabooks are built out, you may want to share them with others including ecobeco’s Design | Build team. To share your Ideabooks, open the Ideabook and then click on “Add or Edit Collaborators” and type in anyone’s email or username — ours is ecobeco — then your shared Ideabook will show up on our list, which you can keep public and visible or mark it as private. 


STEP 4: Make an Appointment with Kelly

You’ll want to set up time with Kelly to discuss your Ideabook.  Click on the graphic of Kelly below to request an appointment.

Need more help?  No problem.

If you want personal help getting started, you can call us during business hours, and we’ll even walk you through how to create your personal Ideabooks for your upcoming home improvement projects.

We’ll help you sort all your ideas and images and solidify a vision for your home’s perfect new look right away, starting as soon you call us for your initial free consultation.

Creating Ideabooks on Houzz will fire up your imagination, help you “see” more clearly in advance the home you wish to create, and — of course — help us help you get there much faster and with way less stress because we’ll already be starting off with a clearer idea of what you want.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get started today on your perfect home, remodel, addition, or summer outdoor living space.

To sweeten the deal for your Spring projects, ecobeco will take $500 off any project of $5,000 or more (offer expires June 21, 2017). Let’s talk.



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