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Energy Efficiency Upgrade – Did Your Contractor Do a Good Job? Proof Is Possible

Stop guessing.  Contractors tell you how wonderful they are, and how they do such a great job.  But how do you know?  Where’s the proof?  According to Corbett Lunsford, founder of the Building Performance Workshop, if you want your home to perform well (to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, durability, safety, and more), then your contractor has to know about Home Performance, and demonstrate their knowledge through instrumented testing that proves their results.


Over Memorial Day week, ecobeco, the Sierra Club of Montgomery County, and the City of Takoma Park were excited to host TV and film personalities Corbett and Grace Lunsford’s “Proof Is Possible Tour.” Over 1,000 people toured the Lunsford’s Tiny House Laboratory, which is a fully livable home built on wheels.  This Tiny House demonstrates what home owners should be looking for when they hire a remodeling contractor.  This Tiny Home is built to the highest performance standards – the most energy efficient, the best indoor air quality, the most comfortable, the most durable, net-zero, and with green materials.  Click here to download detailed information about the Tiny House.

This weekend included a Home Owner educational seminar that discussed how to get the “Proof” that you need to feel confident that your contractor is doing a good job.  Corbett and Grace run the Building Performance Workshop, which is a wonderful consumer resource and a training center for building professionals such as ecobeco. 

prooflist.jpgRecently, ecobeco got a call from an angry DC-based Home Owner.  He had just remodeled his home, expanding his home to need two HVAC systems.  WIthin weeks of the completion of the job, and when the weather turned hot, he realized that his house had become uninhabitable due to extremely poor HVAC performance.  He called ecobeco to do an Energy Audit and HVAC analysis.  The analysis showed that the systems were sized incorrectly, and the duct work was designed incorrectly.  This meant that the customer’s home has to be torn up and done over.  Why?  Because the original contractor used rules of thumb and insufficient testing and design tools in building their solution.  The lesson?  If you want to get what your paying for, and you want your home to perform, use contractors who are committed to Home Performance and Building Science principles.

Corbett says it best: “There is no reason why you can’t expect Guaranteed Control over a measurably comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy efficient home.  Stop wasting money, time and sweat on what doesn’t provably work.  Stop guessing.”

Want to learn more about getting the proof?  Click on the image below to watch Corbett’s 1-hour video and download the 24-page “Proof Is Possible E-book.”  {{cta(’77a8ac79-c95b-47cc-8ff1-0507d06e061a’,’justifycenter’)}}

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