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Home Performance with Energy Star

ecobeco is proud to work with the Pepco, BGE, and Potomac Edison Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs in Maryland to deliver whole-house energy savings to improve comfort and help protect the environment.

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What is the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program?

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers whole-house solutions to high energy bills and homes with comfort problems. The first step for a homeowner is to purchase a comprehensive home assessment. The assessment includes the heating and cooling systems, windows, insulation, flow of air into and out of the house, as well as a safety check of gas appliances. Based on this assessment, participating contractors offer solutions to fix comfort problems and address high energy bills.

What Makes the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program Different?

The goal of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is to turn recommendations into improved homes. The program requires that, upon project completion, the contractor assesses the home’s performance again to document that specified improvements were properly installed to achieve the promised energy savings. Further, all participating contractors are subject to quality assurance reviews by the third-party sponsor to ensure that projects meet program standards and homeowners are assured of high-quality work.  So, unlike when you hire a regular contractor where you have to trust they did the work correctly, with Home Performance, PROOF IS POSSIBLE.

Common Home Efficiency Issues

Common Home Efficiency Issues


Home Energy Efficiency Solutions


Home Energy Efficiency Solutions

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