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Pearl Certification

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We all know that many remodeling or Design|Build upgrades enhance the value of our homes. Their costs can mark up the "tax basis" of our home, and they help the home maintain value when you sell it.

Our recent blog post described how attic insulation is seeing almost 100% return on investment in uncertified homes. Now imagine that your home has a certification that describes how it provides lower operating costs than the home down the block? Now you are seeing more than 100% return. In fact, you're creating demand for your property that has been shown to raise values as much as 5%. So your $5,000 investment in energy efficiency could become a $25,000 enhancement to your home value. No brainer! Click on the box on the right to download Pearl's flyer that describes enhanced valuations.

So you just spent time and money making your home look and feel great, and you did it with eco-friendly materials that enhance indoor air quality. Maybe you added energy efficiency features that lower the operating cost of your home. Those things add value to your home! You may be eligible for a Pearl Certification that will add value to your home’s resale value. As a Pearl Partner, ecobeco can certify improvements, adding value to your home. Your home may even attain a Pearl Bronze, Silver, or Gold Certification level. Certified improvements become part of your home’s record and can be published on the Multiple Listing Service and included on your appraisal report.

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