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Fantastic Building Science Resources

How do we know how to make your house more comfortable and energy efficient? It turns out that there are government agencies, companies, and associations doing research to help us figure out the best approaches.  In this blog, we highlight resources that can advance your understanding of how to control air and moisture in a home.  Enjoy.

epa houseBasic Resources

  • US Department of Energy Home Performance with ENERGY STAR provides consumer facing information on the benefits of home improvements.  DOE also recommends insulation levels.
  • Building Performance Institute sets the standards used to perform home energy audits.  BPI’s consumer site has lots of good information.
  • No-Regrets Remodeling, from the editors of Home Energy Magazine, walks consumers through the difficult choices you might face doing a remodeling project with energy and comfort considerations.  ecobeco is offering this e-book at no cost here.

BSI-001_Figure_09_webAdvanced Resources

  • Building Science Corporation publishes the bulk of their work online for anyone to read from guru Joe Lstiburek and his staff of excellent researchers.  Joe’s search for the “Perfect Wall” is a great example of progressive thinking on the issues surrounding materials selection, sequencing, and workmanship.
  • The Building Science Podcast hosted by Positive Energy’s Kristof Irwin, a professional engineer based in Austin, Texas, features guests from around the country discussing new products, techniques, and trade-offs. The podcast is available on iTunes and most other podcast players.

Want to incorporate building science into your home, learn more about ecobeco’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers.


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