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How Does ecobeco Help You in the Green Home Remodeling Process?

At ecobeco, our goal is to help homeowners throughout the Rockville, MD and DC areas create comfortable, beautiful, and energy efficient homes. With every home remodeling project we take on — whether it’s an updated kitchen, a new bathroom, or a whole house rehab — our team makes it easy to turn your dreams into reality.

Interior remodel process with ecobeco of Rockville Maryland.

Our clients often have questions about the remodel process and what to expect. In this blog post, we’re giving you an inside look at the process of taking your ideas and translating them into a beautiful new space inside your home.

Finding Your Vision with Our Design Team

Sometimes our clients come to us with a detailed vision of exactly what they want for their home remodel, and sometimes they don’t. The job of our design team is to help you fine-tune your vision and design a layout that supports that vision.

We often start by helping clients use Houzz Ideabooks to create a personalized “visual scrapbook” of what they want for their remodel. From there, we’ll go more in-depth with one-on-one consultations about what will work best while creating a consistent look and feel throughout the home. Ultimately, we’ll help you nail down a more focused vision that you love and that makes the most sense for your home.

Helping You Navigate the Vast Array of Options

Once we’ve established your vision, our team will help you navigate the numerous options available at every step of the process.. We’ll start by presenting you with several design options for your review — some that you are expecting and some that you probably aren’t. We’ll help you select a design solution that suits your budget and that meets your needs for the new space.

Then come more specific details, such as which green materials our construction team will install. We work in close collaboration with our preferred suppliers to present you with options that suit your taste and budget. We’ll begin with the larger choices (such as flooring or countertops) and then fill in the smaller and simpler decisions (such as drawer pulls or shower fixtures) as the project takes shape.

Quality Workmanship from Our Expert Builders

Next to our talented and creative design team is an experienced team of expert builders. Our builders work closely with our design team to transform your vision into reality. Because we are committed to green building, our builders always follow clean building practices and will construct a space that is healthier inside and out. You’ll end up with a new space that not only looks beautiful but is also sustainable, more comfortable, and energy efficient.

Want to find out how ecobeco can help with your next home renovation? Contact us or call 240-396-2141 to schedule a consultation with our Design | Build team!

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