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Aging in the Home Remodeling

Give Yourself the Gift of Great Indoor Air Quality for Your Retirement

Aging In PlaceWhile universal design includes elements of safety and mobility for seniors looking to stay in their homes (also called aging in place), ecobeco enhances the experience by offering a healthier way to remodel your home.

Not only do we offer healthier materials and smart design approaches, but we also includes strategies for Improving indoor air quality thoughout the entire home.  Indoor air quality has a profound effect on the health of older adults. A 2010 study (Myatt et al.), confirmed that maintaining 40-60 percent relative humidity reduces the survival rate of the influenza virus in the air and on surfaces.

And a National Institutes of Health review of 61 studies of older adults and household air showed, “a significant relationship to exposure to major indoor air pollutants and various short-term and long-term respiratory health outcomes such as wheezing, breathlessness, cough, phlegm, asthma, COPD, lung cancer, and more rarely lung function decline.”

When done right, energy efficiency home improvements can:

  • Relative Humidity and Mites GraphManage humidity in your home all year.  By keeping relative humidity between 30% and 60% all year, you can reduce the levels of dust mites and viruses and bacteria in your home.
  • By controlling sources of air leaks, we reduce air flows that move through dirty crawl spaces, or through spaces that are moisture or insect infested.
  • We can better filter air to remove allergens and other pollutants that come in from outdoor air, or that are created by human activities in the house.

As a provider of the Breathe Easy Home Indoor Air Quality System, ecobeco brings the latest technologies and standard to bear on your home to reduce the quantity and concentration of allergy triggers that can cause both allergy and asthma symptoms.

Contact Reuven Walder, our co-founder and Healthy Home Specialist to learn more about the Breathe Easy system for your home.

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