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Air Purification System For Healthy Indoor Air Quality

FamilyWe Use the Latest Technology and Standards to Create a Healthy Indoor Environment for You and Your Family.

We want you to breathe the cleanest, healthiest, freshest air so you can feel great.  We’ll help you avoid the short term effects of allergens (which trigger both asthma and allergy attacks), and the longer term impacts of indoor pollution.

Introducing the Breathe Easy Home Indoor Air Quality System – a best-in-class Indoor Air Quality home improvement approach offered by ecobeco that focuses squarely on your health and your home.

Are you frustrated that your allergies are not seasonal anymore, or that your child has to miss school because of an emergency room visit or anxiety about asthma? Are you congested and don’t know why? Or do you have an older adultor parent with COPD or respiratory frustrations? Whatever your respiratory challenges, they lower your quality of life – and that’s not fair.

Breathe Easy Home is a non-profit that has developed home improvement guidelines based on the best practices in the weatherization/energy efficiency/HVAC industries to focus on healthy indoor air quality. Learn how Breathe Easy Home can help.


How does it work? As air moves into your house and recycles through your house, it carries with it pollen, volatile organic compounds, dirt, dust, and mold, among other harmful particles. Studies show that a home’s air contains particles that can cause asthma, allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, COPD, colds, flu and other respiratory issues for you and your family.

ecobeco’s energy auditors are Breathe Easy Home Indoor Air Quality System experts. We will root out the harmful elements in your home, from the air leaking through hidden cracks in your basement and attic to your inefficient HVAC system to your home’s too-low or too-high relative humidity levels. Our healthy home specialists design a detailed home improvement plan to seal air leaks, control humidity, improve air flow, upgrade insulation and bring in filtered fresh air and filter your indoor air.

The benefit? You’ll breathe fresher, cleaner, healthier air – and have a more comfortable and energy efficient home, too.

Your home is your haven, where you relax and recharge after a long day. You and your family deserve peace of mind and to simply feel better. When you request your appointment with ecobeco, ask about Breathe Easy Home.

Contact Reuven Walder, our co-founder and Healthy Home Specialist to learn more about how ecobeco can help improve the health of your family through home improvements.

New in 2017: Ask Reuven about our Smarter IAQ Starter Package, a whole-home solution starting at $2,999.

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