Raise Your Indoor Air Quality “IQ” Today with Smarter IAQ

Our Smart IAQ System filters, cleans, monitors, and purifies the air you and your family breathe inside your home, 24/7.

Starting at $3,499 for a standard system.

Getting started with high-quality IAQ solutions doesn't have to break the bank.

Smarter IAQ FlyerFirst, we install a medical-grade filtration system in your central HVAC unit.  Then, we install a VOC/Odor destroying light above your air conditioning coils.  These pollutant-busting technologies clean your air.  We then add a smart thermostat with a smart IAQ monitor to make sure that air re-circulates through your home on a regular basis and during pollution events.

Stop allergens, dust, and particles in their tracks before they become a problem in your home.  The only way you can filter air and destroy particles properly is to make sure your air circulates through the filter and passes the VOC/Odor destroyer.

So ecobeco's starter package is pretty smart.  Curious how better indoor air quality can make you smarter?  Read this blog from Breathe Easy Home:

President’s Column: Harvard Study Links Higher Carbon Dioxide Concentrations with Impaired Brain Function. Is Global Warming Making People Dumber?
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